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‘ I’ ll be your mirror ‘ manuela barrero dlcAos

In the words of Jean Baudrillard:”To seduce is to weaken. To seduce is to falter. We seduce because of our weakness, never because of power or signs of strength. This weakness is what we put at stake through seduction and what supplies our strength.” I’ll Be Your Mirror shows how the human being lives in eternal search for truth, and becomes dependent on the most unbelievable ways of saving itself when the going gets tough. The characters meet when they are awaiting a miracle. In time, they may reach the conclusion that we do not consider difference a logical consequence of the necessary diversity. Books, the synthesis of equilibrium, are the prints and compendiums of a universal range of emotions. Truth is found in small doses in those contents. To cover, devour in quest for knowledge, understand, and defend a beautiful reality. The biography of “dlcAos” and I’ll Be Your Mirror passes on a path of open books. We are the reflection of our own humanity, seduced by the unattainable notion of beauty, which we attribute, hopefully or otherwise, to the other person. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/05/2017 / Available

dirección / coreografía: manuela barrero dlcAos

ayudante dirección: davicarome

intérpretes: davicarome, joana quesada, josé luis magaña, manuela barrero

música: ricardo miluy

diseño iluminación: sergio torres

fotografía: jacobo medrano

manuela barrero dlcAos

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