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HUECO (Hollow) is a contemporary dance solo that explores the notion of identity, place and time, through the concept of journeying and through the interaction between movement and live music. ‘HUECO’ explores in real time the diverse dynamics and challenges of being present to oneself and to others. It’s in this ‘in-between’, liminal space that the true possibilities of being are first sensed then lived in and through the body. This is a space of perpetual motion and change. At the heart of the work is a journey to find and know this space - a vertiginous void into which she can throw herself and into which her dancing self provides a new grounded and living sense of self. The ‘hollow’ of the title refers to this urgent need to open up a space for dance as an affirmation of being in the world in the here and now. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 07/10/2017 / Available

Conception, direction and choreography: Poliana Lima
Assistant director: Lucas Condró
Performers: Poliana Lima
Music: Vidal
Lighting: Pablo R. Seoane
Duration: 50 minutos