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I have never liked the literary reliefs that usually the synopsis are. So I would like to be direct, as direct as I wanted it to be “Hora de Cierre” (Closing Time) This show began to take shape in my head not in a really poetic way; but  filling the “Mother’s profession" box in an inscription from my son's school. Dancer? ... What is it supposed that I am now? This thought and a quote from Graham, where he speaks about the double dancer’s death "More than any other human being, a dancer dies two deaths: the first, physic, when the body powerfully trained doesn't reply as it would be expected." were shaping the idea of ​​this Solo. Dancing preserves a kind of mental and physical youth, a voluntary stay of a fresh body, and a kind of negation of time. Certainly it represents a struggle against death, against the decrepitude of age. "Hora de Cierre" (Closing Time) is a celebration of maturity and reconciliation with what I am now. SCENE  AWARDS 2014 Best Dancer-Award, Isabel Vázquez and Best Dance Performance-Award. ANDALUSIAN THEATER AWARDS 2014. Best Dance Performance-Award  and  Isabel Vázquez  at Female Performer of dance- Award  PAD AWARDS  2014 to Isabel Vázquez  at Best Female Performer of dance- Award Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/01/2014 / Available

Creation Date: 01/15/2014 / in active

Idea, Choreography and Performance: Isabel Vazquez
Co-Direction: Paloma Díaz, Isabel Vazquez
Lighting Design: Carmen Mori
Texts: Isabel Vazquez and Antonio Alamo
Costume: Salud Claro and La están vistiendo
Photo: Luis Castilla / Gerardo Sanz
Video: La buena estrella
Design and communication: Elena Carrascal
Promotion and Distribution: 8co80 Gestión Cultural