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La Venidera, directed by Albert Hernández and Irene Tena, current dancers of the National Ballet of Spain, is born from the choreographic and interpretative need to undertake new paths in dance research, especially in contemporary flamenco dance. La Venidera sets out to explore new perspectives on Spanish dance and flamenco, combining all the cultural tradition that precedes them with that which can only be found in unchartered territory. Opting for new coreographic styes inspired by trends in contemporary European dance, La Venidera seeks to enrich its dance and awaken new interests in the spectator by incorporating other languages.   'Hilo Roto' is about putting on stage one of the two biggest pathologies of the 21st century, Alzheimer's disease. More than 800,000 people in Spain suffer from this neurodegenerative disease for which a cure is yet to be found. The Hilo Roto project draws from first hand experiences of patients suffering from Alzheimer's. After carefully studying the degenerative process, the Hilo Roto Project hopes to give greater visibility to this group without a voice and who are easily forgotten in today's world. This project emphasises the necessity to represent the families who suffer indirectly from this disease by their patience, love and care. A reflection of 1940s Spain, this piece has as its protagonist an old cantaor who will take spectators on a tour through his life - that is, if he does not get lost on the way himself. His wife, alongside his only daughter and a few neighbours, will endeavour to lead him out of his own labyrinth. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 25/04/2019 / Available

Art direction: Irene Tena & Albert Hernández
Choreography: Albert Hernández &Eduardo Martínez
Original acore and sound design: Daniel Artomático
Lighting design: Colunga & Co.
Costume design: Yaiza Pinillos & Carmen Granell
Photography: Maria Alperi
– Singers: Juana García & Antonio Cañero
– Dancers: Andrea Antó, Alejandra de Castro, Alba Expósito, Elisabet Romagosa, Irene Tena & Albert Hernández