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HIIT is a piece inspired by the cardiovascular training method that consists of repeating alternating periods of high intensity anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods for a defined number of sets. The piece explores the limits of speed of the moving body as well as it's intermediate ranges, captivating the spectator with its frenetic rhythm and continuous change of fantasy, where each individual experiences a very intense physical and emotional journey.   HIIT is not only a dance performance, but it is also a powerful sensorial experience that transcends the bodies of the performers and reaches each viewer in a unique, personal and transformative way. HIIT is speed, fatigue, vulnerability, power, and exhaustion. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/11/2020 / Available

Direction & Choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González

Dancers: Paula Montoya Lozano, Cristina Reolid Gómez, Sybila Gutiérrez Póveda y Seth Buckley

Light Designer: Álvaro Estrada

Costume Designer: Jasanzo

Camera: Danilo Moroni & Juan Carlos Toledo

Music & Video edition: Carlos González


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