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“Daughters of a bearded woman and an elephant dwarf decided to become sisters by a pact of navels”

Laura Morales and Greta Garcia, decide to join in 2013 and bet on new paths for creation. For this they configure two characters: Aletra and Virtue, able to adapt to what is immediately available.

In a natural way, video-creation becomes its tool, through Youtube and even WhatsApp, and collaborating with other artists for the creation of short films and video clips.

Thus gave way to the performance, creating works for art galleries and spaces, such as “Enfajadas” in Weber-Lutgen or “Pulquérrimas” under the program Start.

They also generate dance works by fusing artistic disciplines, and collaborating with other artists such as the Sleepy James musician in “Aletra y Virtue van de Balanegra” or choreographer Juan Luis Matilla for “That’s Gonna Kill You”. Spontaneity and change are an intrinsic part of his proposals, creating unrepeatable works like “Heavenly Gate”, and also working outside his country of residence as is the case of “We’ll kill you” created in Germany for the RootlessMovement Festival.

Their latest work “GOOD GIRL” is the winner of the first prize ex aequo in the 30th Choreographic Contest of Madrid together with the Cía.Humanhood, receiving the AISGE Foundation Award for an outstanding dancer for Laura Morales , Scholarship for a choreographer on DanceWEB 2017 – Life Long Burning Vienna (Austria) for Greta García and a Residence in Tanzhaus (Zürich).

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