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Heritages is a double program consisting of two pieces by Jean Philippe Dury. "Mémoires Oubliées", was nominated for the 2014 Taglioni Awards, Prix Talent 2013 and also nominated for the Simon Bolivar International Awards for Arts and Culture in 2015.

Memoires Oublièes
Now you whistle, putting together
the new words, learning the songs
to tell the others how far you travelled for me.
Singing of my desire to live.
Oh, if you knew what you do not know
I could be in the world remembering this.
Linda Gregg
Cel Black Days Youth is not a period of life It is a state of mind, an effect of will A quality of imagination, in emotive intensity A victory of courage over shyness From taste of adventure over love of comfort. We don´t get old For having lived a certain amount of years We gets old Because we have deserted our ideal. Years Wrinkle skin; renouncing to our ideal wrinsoul. Concerns, doubts, fears and despairs Are the enemies who slowly tilt us towards earth And become dust before the death.
Credits and datasheet

Coreografía: Jean Philippe Dury
Bailarines: Antonella Sampieri, Begoña Quiñones, Andrea Méndez Criado, Valentina Pedica, Laia Santanach, Jean-Philippe Dury
Vestidos: Mathilde Cotteverte
Iluminación: Cia de la Luz / J.C. Gallardo
Música Memoires Oublies: Henry Purcell
Música Cel Black Days : Hildur Güdnatir