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‘Helliot (solo de danza contemporánea para públicos diversos)’ Compañía Danza Mobile

“HELLIOT” is an interdisciplinary dance piece which aims to discuss the “unique” and “special” that each one of us has as an individual. From Helliot as narration and life´s story as staring point, this project pretends to be a “scenic journey” from the particular to the universal, from the intimate to the social. The history of Humanity is made of micro-stories, apparently unimportant but all of them necessaries. “HELLIOT” is about all this and also, about the idea of what it is to be a (good) contemporary dancer nowadays and what we want to see on stage today. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/03/2018 / Available

Idea Original y Dirección: Antonio Quiles
intérprete: Helliot Baeza
coreografía: Antonio Quiles / Helliot Baeza
Asesoría Artística/Ayte Coreografía: Esmeralda Valderrama
Iluminación: Benito Jiménez
espacio sonoro: Pepe Arce
Vestuario: Loulitas Co.
Diseño cartel: Raúl guridi
Vídeo: Jesús García
Fotografía: Raquel Álvarez, Victor Dominguez, Pablo Benítez y Sofia Leiva
Comunicación: Mercedes Vega