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A dance / physical theatre solo, exploring humanity's eternal relationship with death. Illuminating and giving prominence to the inconceivable abyss of mortality. The unavoidable undercurrent that accompanies all humans through the journey of life. A reflection on the experiences that impact us from our growth to our aging and beyond. Without taking it too seriously, it's a dramatic encounter in which everyone can see their existence reflected.
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 11/06/2021 / Available

direction / choreography / interpretation: Ian Garside
lighting design: Grace Morales
sound design: Alex Catona
costume design: Verónica Corujo
dramaturgy: Guaxara Baldasarre
production: Cristina Pérez / peso producciones
graphic design: Illya Lukyanov Design
video: Javier Melián Fleitas
photography: José Luis Marrero Medina
subsidised by the Government of the Canary Islands / Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural
supported by Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera, Canarias Crea Canarias, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Gáldar,
special thanks to Banda de Música de Gáldar, Escuela Municipal de Danza de Gáldar, Roberto Torres, KVLAH, Dácil Álamo, Carmela Rodríguez