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I need to build my own HABITAT, a place where I can leave my footprint, my trace, signals, remnants. I need to create surroundings that form a new way of coexistence, a mixture of different artistic expressions that are diverse, unique and neverending. A space to offer new structures, organize my dance and examine the thresholds of my choreographic discourse. Daniel Doña CAST Original concept and choreography   DANIEL DOÑA Stage Direction   JORDI VILASECA Performers  CRISTIAN MARTÍN, ALFREDO VALERO, DAVID VÁZQUEZ, DANIEL DOÑA Lighting design   OLGA GARCÍA  (A. a. i) Original music HÉCTOR GONZÁLEZ, ALFREDO VALERO, DAVID VÁZQUEZ Costume design/Textile manipulation   YAIZA PINILLOS Custome workshop  GABRIEL BESA, FERNANDO GARCÍA "The Concrete", SVITLANA GROMIK, ALBA FERNÁNDEZ Stage design   DAVINIA FILLOL Sound space creation    HÉCTOR GONZÁLEZ Graphic design and photography   MARCOSGPUNTO Filming and editing   BEATRIX MEXI MOLNÁR Sound technician    KIKE CABAÑAS Stagehand and Stage manager    PABLO MORENO DE JÓDAR Shoes   GALLARDO Production    DANIEL DOÑA Executive production and management    ANA CARRASCO Production assistance    EVA MARCELO Distribution     PEINETA PRODUCCIONES We would like to express our gratitude to Paloma Pareja - Director of the Cultural Centre Eduardo Úrculo - and her staff. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 17/09/2016 / Available