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Girasol flamenco – Grietas en el agua

Produce un vértigo gigante lo que pudimos ser….Pensamos que todo podría ser mejor si las cosas hubieran sido de otra manera, pero, ¿quién sabe si de verdad hubiera sido mejor o peor? Mordiscos al azar.Una historia con tintes tragicómicos contada a través de la danza, la música y el teatro que reflexiona sobre la eterna insatisfacción del individuo. La música de Frederic Mompou es protagonista: sublime, íntima y personal, contribuye a componer y narrar las diferentes escenas.

Publicada por Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes de Calle de Valladolid en Viernes, 24 de mayo de 2019


We thought it could be better if things had been different, but who knows if it would have been better or worse? Random bites

A story with tragicomic overtones told through DANCE, MUSIC and THEATER, which reflects on the eternal dissatisfaction of the individual and the search for other possible lives. DANCE-THEATER piece that adapts easily to all types of audiences. It narrates in tragicomedy tone situations of couple in which we all see ourselves reflected, creating a lot of empathy with the spectator. The proximity of the public in the street allows us to appreciate the details of the expressive game of the piece. It combines different disciplines, starting from the flamenco-contemporary Dance, with music of different styles and text. The music of FREDERIC MOMPOU is the protagonist; Sublime, intimate and personal, contributes to compose and narrate the different scenes, with original texts by Carolina Sanz, Griselda Ramos and quotes by Rosa Montero, directed by Antonia García. Choreography and perform are carried out by the directors of the company, Pepa Sanz and José Merino with the collaboration of the guest choreographer Florencio Campo and the brilliant dancer Jesús Pastor. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 23/05/2019 / Available

Choreography: Pepa Sanz, Florencio Campo y José Merino. Con la colaboración de Jesús Pastor
Performers: Pepa Sanz, José Merino y Florencio Campo ó Jesús Pastor
Music: Frederic Mompou, David Lang y Krishna Levy
Dramaturgy and Scenic Advice: Antonia García
Texts Authors: Rosa Montero, Griselda Ramos y Carolina Sanz
Set Construction: Irene Parra
Images: Flamenco Bites
Directors: Pepa Sanz y José Merino