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  "GOOD NEWS’ // Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca & Emmanuelle Santos (España / Francia)   GOOD NEWS is inspired from the physical, mental and emotional reactions to good and bad news, cherry-picked as choreographic tools.  The observation of how we react to different incidents and events, triggers a more general reflection on the special nature of the human being and how we cope with life. Playing between fiction and reality, artifice and simplicity, GOOD NEWS takes shape between performance and a more traditional choreographic writing. Emmanuelle Santos , artist and  French choreographer formed in Choreographic Development Center of Toulouse - Midi Pyrénées and the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier. Company founder of  Voie E Cie, which has worked with both veterans choreographers as emerging artists as Bryann Campbell (USA) or Zeina Hanna (Berlin) Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca, Spanish creator who combines her solo work ( "An easy way to kill all " show selected  as  "priority company"  by  the european platform Aerowaves  (2014 ) with her  collaborations with other artists such as Guillermo Weickert , Ro Sanchez, Teresa Navarrete, Alvaro Frutos, Montgomery Experience ... Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 14/03/2015 / Available

Creation, Emmanuelle Santos y María Cabeza de Vaca
Chorerography and performance, Emmanuelle Santos y Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca
Set desing, lighting desing, and costume, Roberto Martínez
Music, Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca
Technical, Ana Yacobi
Promotional Video, La Buena Estrella
Production and distribution: Trans-Forma Producción Cultural

Duration: 60’

Institut Français and región Midi-Pyrénées, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Toulouse / Midi- Pyrénées, Graner Centro de Creación, Mes de Danza, Teatro Central y Helenne Garnier