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First prize ex aequo in the 30th Choreographic Contest of Madrid next to the Cía.Humanhood AISGE Foundation award to an outstanding dancer for Laura Morales Scholarship for a choreographer in the program DanceWEB 2017 - Life Long Burning Vienna (Austria) for Greta García Residence Prize at Tanzhaus (Zürich)   As a symphony of life we present a work in small fragments, stages, a beginning with the "I prefer not to think" as a motto, letting ourselves be led by circumstances, a second part "cinnamon bough" as an expression of power, , And an indecisive end, "Alert 4", afraid of not knowing if we are on the edge of the abyss. 15 min Credits and datasheet

“Instrumental” de Samm Bennett
“Kowboyz & Indians” de Gonja Sufi
“Shooting on the Gay-Party” de Nambavan

Light design: Benito Jiménez