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GYNOID is a dance-performance project, dealing with the effects of a neoliberal society on our bodies, our performative representation regarding gender and the personal relation to others.

I'm proposing a reflexion on the future of personal relations, digital identity and sexuality. A female (playing the gynoid), a male (playing a hetero cis male) and a real baby.

A Gynoid is a feminine humanoid robot. 

This project digs into where the assumption of the obviousness of the gynoid’s sexual role comes from and where it leads to.

A gynoid is a feminine humanoid robot. When thinking about feminine robots, it seems just obvious, that their main role is sexual. In Japan alone, more than 2000 sex dolls are sold every year.

In "Guys and dolls: Relational life in the technological era" from Danielle Knafo, published at "Psychoanalytic Dialogues" in 2015, the current age is asserted as perverse. The author describes how the trend of using female sexual robots necessarily leads to a dehumanization of real women. A patient talks about his two years lasting relationship with a doll referring to it as the best partner ever: "I tell her about my day because it helps me wind down. She’s so beautiful. I love to just look at her. We never fight.", “She’s just super in bed. I’ve never had this kind of sex with a woman.”

Credits and datasheet

Concept: Catalina Carrasco

Music: Kiko Barrengoa

Video: Adri Bonsai

Performers: Max Carrasco, Gaspar Morey, Catalina Carrasco