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GET NO was finalists at the 2018 edition of the Institut del Teatre’s Dance Awards.

GET NO is a piece about satisfaction and planes. The flight information display board indicates that the plane is on the runway, while the passengers are still figuring out the mystery of the ferns around the airport. In the lobby, feet recall, almost under a spell, a kind of zigzag that had once been drawn on the floor, see-sawing that is like a prayer and like gripping your heart with a damp cloth and at the same time. GET NO revolves around certain details like these, certain poetic moments caught in the cold of airports, and also that beat that sometimes occurs before a wish is fulfilled.

All public People on stage: 6 People travelling: 8

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/06/2019 / Available

Choreography: Irene García
Dancers: Jesús Aragón, Laia Vancells,
Paula Serrano, Ariadna Salto,
Marc Fernández, Joana Sureda
Stage design: Sergi Cerdan
Text and dramaturgy:
Irene Garcia and Roberto Frattini