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Love as a creative impulse, as a starting point, as a generator of questions, as a path and destiny, as a conditioner of most of the decisions that we make or reject throughout life. Really, is it possible to know or understand what LOVE is for each one of us? In Classical Greece they distinguished four different types of love to try to define human relationships and the motives that move us to love, over time, that is, during the various stages of life: EROS, first love, passionate , carnal, almost animal, instinctive; STORGÉ, committed and lasting family love, cultivated with time and perseverance; PHILIA, fraternal love, accomplice, solidarity, between brothers, between neighbors, a social love that seeks the common good; ÁGAPE, the spiritual, unconditional and devout love that transcends the human and rises towards another impalpable dimension. The Four Seasons dramaturgy relates the four types of love described, with the four seasons, and in turn with the passage of time, which affects, to a great extent, our feelings and emotions, and the way in which we relate to it. environment. The whole set will create an emotional and poetic journey of great aesthetic beauty through the engine of human relationships, love. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/05/2021 / Available

Dirección y coreografía:
Gonzalo Díaz

Asistente de coreografía:
Luisa María Arias

Beatriz Bergamín

Nehemiah Aldrich
Eduardo Alves
Antonio Buonaiuto
Ashleigh Cahill
Mercedes Checa
Mari Trini Fernández
Elena Frongia
Nicoletta Martini
Teresa Poveda
Diego Rodríguez
Jessica Russo

Diseño de iluminación:
Jesús Lucio

Escenografía virtual:
Miguel A. Castillo

Max Richter sobre la partitura de Vivaldi

Carmen Granell

Lucrecia Díaz

Ilustración y diseño:
Lucía Villanueva

Voz en off:
Jose Bermudez
Quique Lozano