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Shapes It is an amazing work where movement, manipulation of objects and visual effects go hand in hand to create an unusual spectacle. The spectators are transported through the images presented and transformed in front of them, entering into a suggestive universe that changes constantly. The proposal starts by decomposing the different parts of the human body, composing again from them with the help of different volumes and materials, playing with the possibilities offered by the black light and the forms created from the movement of the body. In the creation of this work we wanted to start from the use of simple materials (paper, plastic, rubber...), to work with them in an artisan way and avoid technical complications.   "Live forms, circular, static, defined, suggested, real, new, diffuse, changing, mobile, ... forms after all, that allow us to play with the real and the illusion; "Everything is what it is and nothing is what it seems".         Technical rider: Stage high: 4 metres. Stage background: 5 metres. Stage width: 5metres. Stage costumes: black Indoor space without light entries (complete darkness)     Lighting set: Total power: 3.500 W Light projectors: 2 black light projectors _ 400 W (The company contributes) 2 profile (500 o 1000 W).   Sound set: Input-output: conection RCA Player: The company contributes   Other requirements: Dance floor: black Fog machine The company contributes   Technical work times: Download: 15 min. Set up: 4 hours. Performance: 45 min. Set down: 1 hours. Upload: 15 min.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/08/2011 / Available

Concept and performers: Estrella García y Miguel Quiroga

Original soundtrack: José Ramón Feito

Stage space: Estrella García y Miguel Quiroga

Costumes: Zig Zag Danza

Photo: Palmira Escobar

Video production: Leitmotiv Ideas Visuales

Comunication Tatiana Zymlova

Production: Zig Zag Danza S.L.