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Three baroque characters that symbolize an ecosystem of fluctuating balance. Insects, flowers, amphibians, fish and a whole amalgam of creatures come to life through the precision and detail of their movements, where reality and fantasy converge in a peculiar “garden of delights”.   Flowerheads is a contemporary dance work inspired by the enigmatic work of Bosco, which exudes the pleasure of the ephemeral and the fragility of ecosystems. The music, the original creation of Ed is Dead, emphasizes its dreamlike character, generating electronic sound environments that commune with nature.   This work has been recently premiered at Madrid en Danza Festival 2021 Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 30/05/2021 / Available

Direction and Choreography: Elías Aguirre
Interpretation: Victor Fernández, Mario González, Elías Aguirre
Original music: Ed is Dead
Lights desing: Sergio G. Dominguez