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"Flamenco sin más" (Nothing else but flamenco) an
spectacle with a travel through the more important
styles, from primitive ones to the party ones. With
the three pillars of flamenco:
flamenco dance, flamenco singing and flamenco touch.
The global and everlasting dance of Rita Clara,
stern and female, flowing through strength, rhythm
and passion but full of softness and "duende". Her
long journey across this art says crystal clear:
purity and truth. "Rincón del alma" (A corner of the
soul) is the first act of this spectacle that 
surrounds you: "Taranta, Cartagenera, Siguiriya and
Martinete", four of the most pure styles. Loneliness, 
fatality, sorrow and tragedy, "the darkest night of 
the soul, the silence music, the loudness solitude". 
The scream of the wounded soul, it breaks the solitude 
of the night with an obsessive and wrapper rhythm.
"En los patios" (In the yards) is the second act.
"Tanguillos, Rumba, Tangos, Bulerías and Farruca",
 with these styles, from the front to the back,
face and cross, from faith to disbelief. This act
is totally the opposite to the first. Party invades
everything, the wedding, the soft drunkenness, the
wound does not kill nor injure, does not hurt; the
rhythm gets crazy, plethoric of virtuosity and fantasy.
"Pureza y Majestad" (Purity and Majesty) is the last 
act. The core of the deep flamenco, plenty elaborated
and developed, the essential pulses of life and passion
made art, universal, shown through the flamenco dance,
singing and touch in a prodigious joy.
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Dirección y coreografía:

Rita Clara

Música y arreglos musicales:

Jesús Rodríguez


Rita Clara


Marcos Rodríguez


Carlos Garnacho


Jesús Rodríguez


Antonio Agudo