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The flamenco "this pure Spanish art"but at same time
"so unknown". This is what motivates "Flamenco de
libro" (A perfect flamenco), an spectacle which 
through its three foundations: the flamenco dance,
singing and touch, will illustate some of its more
peculiar styles. And so on, you can now more of this
art, and you are going to feel its "duende".
A trip to the heart, deep in the flamenco, whith 
a present way to act and to interpret, but whithout
losing the root of this art so Spanish as global,
popular and cult, minority (unfortunately), but
not elitist; a pure and evolved flamenco,
a "Flamenco de libro".
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 26/04/2019 / Available

Dirección y coreografía:

Rita Clara

Música y arreglos musicales:

Jesús Rodríguez


Rita Clara


Carlos Garnacho


Jesús Rodríguez


Antonio Agudo