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FLAMENCA 391 | “Work in progress…” Estévez/Paños Y Compañía
“1917” is an interesting year for us, which offers us very inspiring milestones and confluences for the creation of our new proposal: “FLAMENCA 391”. It is the year that Francis Picabia founded the magazine “391”, Léonide Massine filmed the dance of Juana Vargas “La Macarrona” and Pastora Pavón Cruz “La Niña de los Peines” recorded songs that had never been heard before. Estévez/Paños take these events and the cover of Number 3 - "Flamenca" - of the magazine "391" as a starting point to direct a new work whose protagonists will be exclusively five exceptional women.

2022 Creation | Work in progress.... Premiere: “Teatro Municipal José María Rodero”, Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). 30.12.2022. Length: 70’. On tour: 8/10 people. -Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños (Choreographers). -Nadia González Tingherian, Concha Jareño, Raquel Lamadrid, Rosana Romero (Dancers). -Sandra Carrasco (Singer). -1 technical director & lighting technician, 1 sound technician, 1 tour producer.

Production: Estévez/Paños Y Compañía | GNP Producciones SL. With the support of the Andalusian Governement. International distribution: Aurora Limburg.   Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 30/12/2022 / Available

Artistic Direction and Choreograpy
Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños

Assistant director
Alberto Sellés

Luís Prado, Antonio García Escolar, Rafael Estévez.

Script, repertoire
Rafael Estévez

Lighting creation / Olga García – AAI
Sound & Stage manager/ María José Fuenzalida
Wardrobe/ Costumes EP CIA
Translation/Tess Biros
Technical Direction / AAI Olga García

Nadia González Tingherian, Concha Jareño, Raquel Lamadrid, Rosana Romero.
Substitute dancer
Nerea Carrasco
Sandra Carrasco

Production / Estévez/Paños y Compañía – GNP Producciones
Distribution in Spain / GNP Producciones | Patricia Garzón | Carmen Cantero

International distribution – Booking / Aurora Limburg

This production received the public support from the / Cette production a bénéficié d’une aide publique
Andalusian Governement (Seville).