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And to mistake, in the same  movement, a concept and  affection.
In this accelerationist era, our bodies are full of residual speed: an inertia that suspends desire, that fragments and exacts our attention. Understanding the now involves practising rhythm, because we are not meant to possess knowledge but to act as if we were already knowledgeable. A threshold means transit. The concept of "crossing the threshold", so characteristic of rites and ceremonies of passage, has been present in countless cultures since ancient times, involving a body in movement partaking in a social dance which, in turn, becomes an event. The famous archetype of “The Guardian of the Threshold" refers to those figures that take on the forms of our most intimate fears: they guard the threshold, not to deny us entry, but to encourage us to explore the timely labyrinth that makes transformation possible and, therefore, allows us to pass. It is essential to wear the skin of the beast, to inhabit the mask; to be thrilled by the shape of the monster and embrace difference. Credits and datasheet

concept & movement: Javier Martín
lighting: Octavio Mas
scenography & design: Javier Martín
sound: Abul Mogard, Philip Jeck y Leyland Kirby.
production and accompaniment: Sabela Mendoza
visual effects: Juanma Lodo
costumes: Cremallera Studio, Álvaro M. Leiro, CCG
video and photography: Leo López
coproduction: CCG Centro Coreográfico Galego
artistic residency: Teatro Leal, La Laguna
special thanks to: Pep Ramis -L’animal a l’esquena, Javier Cuevas, Juanma Artigot, Laura Cedrón.
Premiere: 12/11/2021, TEM Teatre El Musical, Valencia
Duration: 60 min