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FASE ALTERNA originates in the performer´s body.  It is focused on observing how the interaction with the different sound, scenic and dance spaces and their rotation influence and transform it. This changing and random journey will bring to light new shapes and emotions throughout the show, always free to interpretation.   This time MARCO FLORES comes up with a more open and abstract piece, which contrasts with the concept line he used in his previous works.   In FASE ALTERNA the story unfolds through the performers´ own narrative: their integrity to relinquish their alleged artistic identity. Everyone in their own capacity takes on new shapes that will arise according to the environment in which they are. Premiere: 12th October, Los Teatro del Canal, Madrid. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 12/10/2017 / Available

Marco Flores – Dance
Sara Cano – Dance
Ana Romero – Palmas (hand-clapping)
Mercedes Cortés – Vocals
José Almarcha – Guitar

Direction, production, musical direction. Marco Flores.
Choreography. Olga Pericet, Yoshua Cienfuegos, Sara Cano, Marco Flores.
Original composition (live music): José Almarcha.
Original composition (sound space): Mel Semé.
Sound space: « Golberg Variation BWV988 v.14 (J.S.Bach) »  played by Ignacio Prego.
Lighting designer. Gloria Montesinos A.a.i.
Sound. Miguel Otero.
Photography. Paco Villata.
Audiovisual presentation (original idea): Harjinder Greewal.
Production assistance: Miquel Santin.

A production by Cía. MARCO FLORES, Flamenco-Danza.