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choreography Flamenco / Spanish Dance with use of contemporary language

created for a cast of 12 dancers. 10 'duration

Today's Flamenco use our deepest roots to create from them a more stylized and theatrical dance, with more contemporary choreographic movements and using different languages ​​mixed together different disciplines of dance to create new and fresh styles . So in this farruca with musical influences of the Arabs, we can see the whole company on stage dancing a modern and unusual flamenco, with a strong stylized accent and even using contemporary and modern language, creating a unique style of XXI century. This choreography represents who we are today but using the Arab traits that mark the origin of Flamenco. The movement on stage, the use of geometric shapes combined with free training, energy full cast as opposed to moments of "only" or the dramatic power of a "pas de deux" ... scenes where the lighting is marking where the dancers to develop their movements .... all these elements give this "Farruca SXXI" a special stamp that defines the line of work and creation by Carlos Fajardo Prieto and Juanma are making their way. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/07/2018 / Available

Dirección artística y coreografía: Juan Manuel Prieto
Diseño de Iluminación: Carlos Fajardo
Diseño y Realización del Vestuario: Carmen Granell
Asistente de dirección y Comunicación: Roberto Pereira
Música: Jarcamora