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2020 yearbook by Family audience Children and Adolescents
Cía Aracaladanza Foto: Pedro Arnay

Spanish dance for the youngest is booming.


The rising popularity of sophisticated dance for family audiences in Spain is a good sign. It may just guarantee an audience for the discipline in the future. No wonder that both children and adults are fascinated by productions as ambitious and stunning as Play by Aracaladanza. This Madrilenian company is one of the most experienced groups in this type of performances. It offers visually striking choreography, as has been the case in all of the creations by its director, Enrique Cabrera, since 1995. This is no less evident in Summertime, a cocktail of the company’s best, designed to be presented in public spaces.

Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo with their group Larumbe Danza continue their research of the possibilities of using 3D technology in dance. After their updated version of El lago de los cisnes [Swan Lake], they once again put 3D glasses on their young spectators to watch Aire [Air]. This piece calls our attention to pollution through the story of two neighbours who together get stuck in a lift.

They have formerly excelled in their dance creations for babies with the success Auapapá). Now, the versatile company ZigZag Danza, run by Estrella García since 2000, also presents performances such as (FormaS) for family audiences, and (Disonancias v18) for adult audiences. A similar strategy is shared by the Madrilenian group caraBdanza, directed by Gonzalo Díaz, which alternates between giving performances for adults and offering their striking proposals for children. Their latest production is again about Alice in Wonderland, in which the protagonist’s journey is portrayed as the transition from child to adult.

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