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In EXPULSION! (dance riot), the new proposal by Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co., the restless creator anchored in Madrid elaborates a personal cocktail that fuses different trends of urban dance and music, to speak from his combative dance of existential themes, inherent matters contemporary man. He refers to his new show as an uprising, in which he and his dancers investigate an extreme physicality, similar to the one that arises in our lives in the face of a daily life delimited by the anger of a new and unknown destiny, an undefined time. and an always uncertain future. This is how the idea of ​​expulsion ceases to be a metaphor and becomes a vital scenic experience. Dance is done. Experimental hip-hop influenced by styles such as flexing, contemporary contortionism, tutting, tracing or abstract; the vast universe of electronic music and its multiple sub-genres: trap, EDM, IDM, liquid drum and bass, halftime or electro-jazz, together with free jazz and rooted, cultured music; literary references to writers and thinkers such as Borges, Cortázar, Genet, Rimbaud, Artaud, Orwell and Huxley or the philosophy of dance by Nietzsche and the theories of Foucault or Derrida, are part of the immense amalgam of references that end up giving shape to EXPULSION! (dance riot), a new experience that does not disdain references as contrasted as the ritual and sacred dances of Gurdjieff and the philosophy of a certain futuristic cinematographic science fiction. With these very dissimilar wickers, Pannullo creates his own fabric that he simply calls contemporary urban dance and that, basically, invites the viewer to let go. As in almost all of his proposals, the aspiration is that EXPULSION! (dance riot) seek the emotion of the dance and at the same time, generate concern and reflection in everyone who sees it. Credits and datasheet

Dirección y coreografía Dani Pannullo

Alexander Peackok
Christian Gutiérrez
Julián Gómez
Samuel Martí