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2020 yearbook by Experimental and New dance Searches
Cía Bárbara Sánchez Foto: Luis Castilla
Ingenuity and creativity converge in the new Spanish experimental dance.


Bárbara Sánchez, The Gestring, Octubre Danza and Manuel Rodríguez present the result of their recent investigation.


The unbridled freedom of experimental dance has always been the soft spot for creators in Spain. Personal and unclassifiable works abound, especially on the Andalusian scene. It is difficult to label a proposal as emotional and committed as Várvara. This new irreverent and mystical piece by the Sevillian creator Bárbara Sánchez, approaches the Christian archetype of Mary Magdalene in her condition as a white and privileged woman in no need of intermediaries to speak to God.

Another play about adoration, albeit terrestrial, is Adora a las Hermanas Gestring [Adoring the Gestring Sisters]. This hilarious proposal is the most recent by the Gestring sisters. This duet is made up of the inseparable Sevillian girls Laura Morales and Greta García, who sing, dance, and make others dance in this performance designed as a spiritual concert. It contains all the hallmarks for the audience to adore them.

One of the pioneers of the new dance in Andalusia, Salud López, has been engaged in long term research with her group Octubre Danza [October Dance]. Divided into stages she calls Números/ Numbers, she is now finishing the third part, La Babilonia [Babylon], which from codes related to dance and performance deals with elements characteristic of flamenco.


Finally, Manuel Rodríguez, who has danced for La Veronal, Sharon Fridman, Carmen Werner and James Thierreé, moves in the realm where dance merges with visual arts. He has created a personal discourse trying to unravel the dynamics of performance art. Body on paper, of Japanese inspiration, gives continuity to his solos, complementing his proposal with a special set-up and a photography album.

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