Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

The project EURO emanates from the impulse to create a piece that is bare in its nature, a personal itinerary made of pleasure and apprenticeship. EURO is travelling continuously through infinite pathways in curves, straight lines and pauses. Every letter of the word EURO has its own personality and its own story to tell. EURO is the landscape of the scenery itself. EURO is a wide ranged deconstruction of conversations translated into physicality, folkloric dances, ballroom dances and acrobatics. In their re-construction they are composing a personal and blunt dance, that is seducing the spectator with its capacity of immersing into the extraordinary with authenticity, in a visceral, intense as well as eloquent dialogue. Its culmination is the interconnectivity of the dance with the audience. EURO is a solo piece of short duration that has been conceived for non-conventional spaces as well as for theatres. Teaser: Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 26/05/2022 / Available

Performer Álvaro Silvag.

Concept – Creative advice Annika Havlicek / David Zambrano / Álvaro Silvag

Music Hazhe Beats Produccions – Cristian de Moret

Costume Charo Reina