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Dance the work of Antonio Machado, travel his life and his words through movement. A show that seeks to bring this great author closer by integrating video and dance. An approach that seeks to connect today with yesterday to discover that ... "Hoy es siempre todavía" (Today is always still.) "Estos días azules..." is the fourth long-term production of Compañía Improvisada and has the support of the Institut Valencià de Cultura, the Soria City Council, the Segovia City Council, the Baeza City Council, the Rocafort City Council, the Spanish Foundation Antonio Machado. In 2019 the show received a nomination for Best Dancer at the Valencian Performing Arts Awards. "Estos días azules..." is immersed in the life and work of Antonio Machado through dance and movement, with a medium format designed for a room and a cast of five dancers. A total show, for general and young audiences, where poetry, prose, dance and video merge to translate the words, thoughts, essence and spirit of this universal writer into movement, to bring the general public closer to this author, and the historical moment that he had to live, on the 80th anniversary of his death. The work is an approach to Machado from the present moment. It seeks to re-discover the places and landscapes that marked his production through the different video dances that run through the work, all of them recorded in the real spaces where Machado lived. "Estos días azules..." wants to be an exercise in memory and a tribute to one of our greatest intellectuals, an opportunity to realize the validity of his work and his humanity. CocinandoDanza we are a resident company of the municipality of Picanya (Valencia) since 2019. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 21/02/2019 / Available

Estos días azules…

Direction and choreography: Henar Fuentetaja

Directing and dramaturgical assistance: Chus Moreno

Original music: David Antolín

Musical collaborations: New Mester de Juglaría,
Rafel Arnal and Professional Conservatory of Music of Soria (Sofía Abad, Fernando Tapia, Lucía Lacasta, II National Award Antonio Machado 2018)

Viola da Gamba: Sara Ruiz

Texts: Antonio Machado, Arsenio Gallego

Costumes: Teresa Juan

Lighting design Diego Sánchez

Video production and design: Chus Moreno

Animation and video-projection: Amador Artiga, Paramotion Films

Scenography and props: Los Reyes del Mambo and Der Grüne Punkt

Photography: María Tornero (Innovahaus)

Communication: Marta Borcha

Production subsidized by IVC Arts Escèniques 2018, co-produced by Hon. Soria City Council, has the support and collaboration of the FAM (Fundación Española Antonio Machado), the Network of Machadian Cities through the City Councils of Segovia, Baeza and Rocafort, the approval of the family-heirs of A. Machado and the artistic collaboration of the New Mester de Juglaría and of students from the Professional Conservatory of Music of Soria.