Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network
This you see is a dance piece for the streets and unconventional spaces about the poetic and cinematographic gaze, about the work and its setting and about the loving encounter between attention and life. A journey that celebrates the human capacity to compose reality and to be moved by it. That makes visible the fragile, fascinating and mysterious place where the gaze of the public and the gaze of the creator touch (and become one): the intermediate place from which the artistic fact springs up, like a fountain. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/06/2021 / Available

Supported by Cabildo de Tenerife, ICDC – Gobierno de Canarias, Festival Masdanza, Festival Cuadernos Escénicos – Teatro Victoria, Festival Traslación and LAVCiudad.

Direction, co-creation and dramaturgy of the movement: Javier Cuevas.
Interpretation and co-creation: Paula Quintana.
Sound designer: Jonás García Afonso / Superstereo
Costumes and styling: Amuhaici Luis.
Image design: Noelia Varietti.
Technical direction: Grace Morales.
Communication: Marta Baeza – La Locomotora.
Management: Valeria Cosi / TINA Agency
Executive production: Javier Cuevas.