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esther martínez danza

ESTHER MARTINEZ (31/05/1965)
C/ Punta de Anaga, 32
38111 – Santa Cruz de Tenerife
telephone: +34 60502060

She begins her dancing career studiying Ballet making her debut with the Tenerife
Ballets (1982-1984) a ballet company directed by Miguel Navarro. Her first contacts
with the contemporary dance were of course with the Graham and Limón technic.
From 1990 she focus herself exclusivily to the contemporary dance, studing Cuban
dance with the Great Master Arnaldo Paterson, from there she has continous her
dancing development with many profesors and trying new styles, specially focusing in
the Realise, improvisation and personal researching. She combines her dancing
development with Aikido (currently 3º Dan in the International Aikikai). She consideres
herself as a multidisciplinar and versatile artist. She works as an independent dancer
since 2005 creating and directing her own performances, besides of working with
several dance and street theatre companies.
Through out all these years she has also gain international experiences, touring with
Nomada company to; Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Peru, and also as a esther
martínez danza she has been in Brazil and Argentina performing.
Furhtermor her duty as a dancing teacher in several Tenerife dance acadamies has
always been a pleasure and a challange to her.
The latest more distinguished creations:
– Ignoro (2016)
– Tajaraste (2014) – Pies pa’ que os quiero si tengo alas pa’ volar (2014)  – Paloma Negra (2013)
– Meditación de Tahïs (2012)
– Fuera de contexto (4 short performances ordered by the Auditorium Adán Martín of Tenerife) (2011)
– Ignorantes del entorno (2010)
– Cabaret21 (cabaret show) (2008)
– Nectarina (2007) – Ojos abiertos (2006) – El sueño de la pecera (2005)
Circodedos, Vértice, Tenerife DanzaLab, Cía. Danza Helena Berthelius, Cía. Nómada, Cía. de teatro KDO, Ballets de Tenerife.

Contact info
  • Manager Esther Martínez
  • E-mail
  • Mobile phone 605020660
  • Phone +34 605020660
  • State Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • City Santa Cruz de Tenerife