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With the idea of leaving a place, a situation, or even a body in which we feel deprived of freedom, we propose in ESCAPE a performative work of contemporary DANCE, electroacoustic music and video creation, in which we reflect on fleeing , of escaping, as well as of the impossibility of doing so or of one's own taste for feeling trapped in a situation. We reflect like this, also on the antagonistic idea, that of catching! How to catch the public or be caught by a long desired situation. A phrase that sums it up: "The Exterminating Angel" by Luis Buñuel, being able to be absent from a place whose doors were never closed, why don't they ?!
During the process absurd situations were created that would not cease to have possible underlying criticism, humor and poetry. We investigate new possibilities where everything can happen, working with concepts of the theater of the absurd, surrealism, dance and improvised music. The incorporation of WADE MATTHEWS into the team, expert and renowned researcher of improvised music, has allowed us to find attractive creative paths and new synergies for our dance show. It is a continuous, current research work whose questions often have no answers.  
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 17/04/2019 / Available

Original Idea and Choreography: Cristina Masson
Dance Interpretation: Cecília Gala / Macarena Girón / Cristina Masson
Electroacoustic Music Creation / interpreter : Wade Matthews
Video Creation (on stage) : Juan Vicente Chuliá
Costumes : JASANZO
Lighting Design and Coord. Technique: Daniel Tumolillo / Félix Gontán
Poster and Photo Design: Juan Vicente Chuliá
Production Management: María J. Gómez ( María Allas)
International Distribution: Giada Gagliardi

A production of EnClaveDANZA y ES.ARTE
Collaboration: Cia TWAIN Tuscania, Italia (Residence SuperCinema Tuscania) – CC Lavapies (Ayto. de Madrid).