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Asier Zabaleta was born in Ezkio (Gipuzkoa) in 1972. Before he joined the Swiss company ALIAS (Geneva) in 1999, where he participated in the creation of six theatre-dance productions, alive exhibitions and public improvisations, he worked with a number of dance and theatre companies including Arteszena, Adeshoras, Compañía de Vicente Sáez, Hojarasca, Q-ro y cía. and Maskarada.

When he left Switzerland in 2004 he created ERTZA, with the aim of finding a new space in which different artistic disciplines could work together with the physical expression. His works have been seen in China, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Israel, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

As a director, over the course of his career he has created:
“DANADA” (1998), “Belaki efektua” (1999) ; “EGO” (2003) winner of first solo prize at the “10MASDANZA” festival in Gran Canaria, “EGO-tik” (2004), “Babia” (2005), “LOOK” (2006), “Intemperie” (2007), “ni contigo, ni sin ti…” (2007), “ELAGUJERODELAVESTRUZ” (2007), “BIHAR JAIO NINTZEN” (2008) winner of three different prices at the XXII Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, “ZOO – Beasts in suits” (2009), “Näo me fales de Freddy Krueger” (2009), “Next in line” (2010) created for Chelyabisnk Contemporary Dance Theatre, winner of best dance contemporary work in Chelyabinsk (Russia) and nominated for the Golden Mask Awards as Better Production and Better Choreographer, “Dreaming on the distance” (2010), “Where is my mind?” (2011) created for FUERADELEJE, “Transparent” (2011), “Act of God” (2011), “Joan Zaretenei, Adio” (2012), “N.A.N.”(2013) and “4X4″ (2013) winner of the Best Basque Show Price in Umore Azoka 2013, MADIFATHINKA, THE MAGIC STORM” (2014), “THE SHOW OF THE VIEWER” (2015)

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