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Error is, besides a scenic proposal, a way of working improvisation through the direction of a contemporary dance troupe, a musical ensemble and an interpreter of lights. Following the path of Sounpainting and inspired by Za !,La Orquesta del Caballito Ganador or John Zorn's Cobra Project, Juan Luis Matilla, develops an open and free source designed to direct dance, music and lighting through a series of gestures and indications agreed in advance with the participants.

A proposal in which improvisation is based on five forms of dancing according to their level of tension, generating a non-verbal communication language that allows the choreographer, whom we see on stage, to play with movement, light and sound.

Error can be carried out in different ways, with its original cast, with a local cast or a mix of both.

The dynamic of the proposal is a previous workshop with local dancers and musicians, some sessions with the technicians of the room and the presentation, in order to learn the choreographic and musical code as well as the understanding of the dynamics of the play and conducted improvisation. It would be developed over

6 days (english instrucction manual from page 15: The sessions with the dancers must be 5 hours long, The number of sessions with the musicians are the same, but the first sessions must be separated. The last three sessions must be fully together. It is recommended that both musicians and dancers are familiarize with improvisation.

. Ideally the box office should be for them, although this depends on the management of the room or event organizer.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 30/08/2016 / Available

Error   es   un   código   abierto   y   libre   de   improvisación   conducida   desarrollado   por   Mopa   en   colaboración   con   Telegrama   Cultural   y   producido   por   el   ICAS.   En   su   elaboración   han   participado:  
Idea,  dirección  y  código  coreográfico:    Juan  Luis  Matilla.   Dramaturgia:​  Alberto  Cortés.  
Cuerpo   de   baile​:   Ellavled   Alcano,   Ana   G.   Morales,   Laura   Morales,  Natalia  Jiménez,  Elisa  del  Pozo  y  Silvia  Balvín.
Ensemble​:  Rocío  Guzmán,  Bárbara  Sela  y  Javier  Mora.  
Intérprete  de  luces  :  Benito  Jiménez.    
Código  de  Vestimenta:​  Ellavled  Alcano.  
Comunicación:    Olga  Beca.  
Artwork​:  Daniel  Alonso   Fotografía  y  vídeo:    Maria  Teresa  García  Silva.