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A homage to Umm Kulthum Enta Omri, "you are my life" is a dance and music creation paying heartfelt and moving homage to the majestic diva of Arabic music, Umm Kulthum, marking the 40th anniversary of her passing. In this performance Nesma tells the artistic journey and life of the singer. The spectacle, presented with the Al-Andalus Dance Company and The Cairo Arabic Music Ensemble, is based on theatrical foundations: the wonderful musical accompaniment, the screening of archive footage and the elegant and moving dances, evoke on the stage the image and emotions which Umm Kulthum has engraved on the collective memory of the Arab world. In this new creation, Nesma expresses all the passion which she feels for Arabic music and the classic songs of Umm Kulthum. Her passion for oriental dance was born from this music while she was still an adolescent, and it moved her soul from the first time she heard it. On her arrival in Cairo she started to imbibe the music of Umm Kulthum to the point where she knew the songs by heart. When she had flowered into one of the star dancers on the Cairo scene, she became a remarkable interpreter of the songs of Umm Kulthum. Nesma is renowned for her elegance and her artistic sensitivity in the interpretation of Egyptian music. In this work she combines her experience as a solo dancer, which she acquired in Cairo, with her choreographic skills developed in the large scale works she has produced in Europe (“From the Nile to the Guadalquivir”, “Dreams of Al-Andalus”). From this she has developed a new form of dance, at the same time refined, sentimental and contemporary, drawing from the sources of her art to express on the stage the famous “Tarab”; a kind of emotional ecstasy which invades the soul on hearing wonderful music. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/05/2015 / Available

4 females dancers
4 musicians (accordion, kanoun, violin, percussion)

Direction and choreographies : Nesma
Musical direction and arrangements : Ahmed Abdel Fattah
Costume design : Nesma
Video: Nesma / Eric Godfroid
Production Manager: Eric Godfroid

Duration of the show : 1h20