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EnClaveDANZA is a company run by Brazilian artist Cristina Masson (100 LATINOS PRIZE MADRID 2010 for her career as a dramatist, dancer, and choreographer; recognition by the Miguel Hernandez Foundation). It incorporates artists from a range of different nationalities based on the surprising possibilities of their bodies. The company started its activities in the year 2000 as a result of proposals made together with the painter and video artist Nacho Ramírez from the Canary Islands. In the plays by EnClaveDANZA disciplines like literature, painting, and experimental video all come together.

The first play representative of their work was “FATUM”, premiered in Montpellier and Madrid.

Afterwards came “AUSENTE EN NEGRO” [‘Absent in Black’] reminiscent for the spectator of the unsettling carnal canvases by Hieronymus Bosch and Francis Bacon, “QUERIDO ANTOINE” [‘Dear Antoine’] (the choreographic movements are imbued with Jean Paul Sartre’s literature, and “LA NOCHE” [‘The Night’] (the audio visual techniques confuse wakefulness with sleep, and the real with the oneiric).

In 2016, he concludes his Poetic Trilogy premiering “March, 10 NY” in Madrid. This third installment aspired to reach the poetic and abstract flight of Jeannette Clariond, author of the poem book March 10, NY.

Previously ON BROKEN BACKGROUND”  ( was the second installment of this trilogy with a clearly social character. And “… NOT EMPTY …” was the first part, paying tribute to Miguel Hernandez. A “show produced with sobriety and seriousness” (Roger Salas, El País 12/12/2012). Released in Spain and France, it counted on the support and the collaboration of the prematurely disappeared teacher of the Theater of the Gesture Ana Vázquez de Castro, disciple of Jacques Lecoq.

“ GOLDBERG” was a request by the Music Sales Group Publishing House about the provocative and intelligent string trio version of the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach performed by GARNATI Ensemble (Young Andalucía Prize 2013) and registered in the SONY MUSIC record label. The play premiered in the Calderon Theatre in Valladolid in 2014. ( ).

Amongst other stagings by EnclaveDANZA, it is worth mentioning “CURIOSANDO EN LO LEVE” [‘Prying Slightly’], “DOIT”, and an array of video plays like “CALLE” [‘Street’], “UP TO YOU”, “EMI BACON REVES”.

EnClaveDANZA often engages in a cooperative relationship with other companies:

_ LARUMBEdanza Company, which it has shared the “3WOMEN” project with. The Show is created in Residencia Teatros del Canal 2015.

_ Theater Company Nothing in the Fridge in the play “ALMA” (SOUL), from the director Arturo Turón. Cristina Masson, director of EnClaveDANZA has a special participation as a choreographer and dancer. ( )

_ COMPLUTUM Company on the project “FRAGILE”, which incorporates the work by four choreographers on the international stage about the theme of human fragility. Performance “LIPS” in the NEW FAIR GALLERY.

_ Creative Arts Space, a company incorporating people with physical disabilities.

_ “nD-00” creation group from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid, on the Project “nD-01 BEATINGREST” Performance and video installation.

_ Mexican Company Andrágora.

_ Company ATACAMA of Rom.

_ Company e-Motion from L´Aquila (Italia).

Since 2012, it has been associated with the production ES.ARTE (, which it performs shows and joint projects with, being the last dive of the Festival of New Creation, that will be presented to the public in October 2017, LDC FESTIVAL-A PLACE TO SHARE.

Several works of EnClaveDANZA have been carried out in unique spaces (museums, historical sites…),






In their work, they have counted on the support of a team of greatly prestigious contemporary composers such as Ramon Paus ((From NAXO’S Label y Sony Classics), Alejandro Roman (RCS Music in Madrid), Luis Ivars (Composer nominated to the Goya on several occasions), Beatriz Arzamendi Ceciaga (composer of contemporary music and music consultant in the programme PICE in Acción Cultural Española [‘Spanish Cultural Action’] or the Viola International YUVAL GOTLIBÓVICH.

For the last years together with the producer ES.ARTE they have participated in the aid programmes from the Madrid Community and INAEM with their productions in theatres and festivals.

EnClaveDanza withholds their belief in multidisciplinary work, and in collective creation searching for aesthetic values that heightens the audience’s awareness of their message. The company’s creative process often finds itself ruled by chance, using improvisation to dive into the depth of chaos and salvage spaces of habitability.

“Our research interest is all about contemporary movement, and I am fascinated to capture a fortuitous expression, whether it happens by failed or skilful move.” (Cristina Masson).












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