Spanish Federation of Dance Companies Network

From the beginning the idea that has moved this
project Is to inhabit the spaces that arise from a sculptural work.
In this piece, the object itself is not what
interests us, but the gaps spaces in it.
The suggestion resides precisely in what
we do not see of the sculpture.
And it’s from those empty spaces
where start all the language that we propose.
A vain is a free space through which to cross to
another place, or from which to observe what
there is to the other side of the wall.
A vain can therefore be
a promise, a question, a decision or a portrait.
A vain can be a door that take us to the outside or inside.
And a vain it is also ineffective, futile, inoperative, unsuccessful.
How many small thoughts, experiences or visions full
of strength and beauty stay in the intimacy of
a person and they remain unnoticed for the majority.
It is in that empty space, in that small insignificant
moment for the world, where our journey begins, in vain.

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/10/2016 / Available

Performers: Manuel Cañadas
Jaime García
José Manuel Muñoz
Arturo Parrilla
Choreography and direction: arturo parrilla
Artistic adviser: Esmeralda Valderrama
MUSIC AND SOUND SPACE: Emilio parrilla garcía-pelayo
MUSICAL RECORDING: Emilio Parrilla, Clarinete
Yioannis Marinos, Trombón
Fernan Mejuto, Vibráfono, piano,
acordeón y sintetizador
Guillermo Almo, Batería y percusión
Alessio Bruno, Contrabajo
SCENIC SPACE: Emilio Parrilla Muñoz
Light: Diego Cousido
DESING: Raúl Guridi
Photography: Raquel Álvarez
Video: Jesús García
Media Communication: Mercedes Vega
ProduCTION: Fernando Coronado/Javier ossorio
DistribuTION: Javier Ossorio