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The piece First production of La Casquería,  premier at Mes de Danza/International Dance Festival, in 2013 (Sevilla). "In the Room" (according to its translation into a English language) is a duet of contemporary dance performance created specifically to be adapted to all typology of location: street, theatres and singular locations (museums, arts galleries and so on). Its content has been specially designed to not lose its original essence, regardless of the location. "In the Room" can be performed in a medium (30 min.) or large format (60 min.). "En la habitación" belongs to the Programa Enrédate (2015-2016) which is the Adalusian Network of Public Theatres. Synopsis "En la habitación" it is a place inhabited by two characters with strange, personal and secret stories. What happens in this room will still occur, but maybe in a different way, or in another time, or in that corner, or maybe far from here, in other moment. Women who meet and observe one to each other. Women who sometimes touch and fall in love but sometimes shun and hate. Women who always break their silence. Isolated and unexpected encounters that does not fit in that period, that are socially unacceptable but it will still happen. In this room or in another. From an apparent calm, images overlap as a pictorial portrait in which what the audience see maybe it is not real, maybe it is a consequence of their imagination. Only looking inside the room you will be able understand these women. And pay attention because maybe you find to yourself inside. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 15/12/2012 / Not available

Creation and performance
Anna París and Raquel López

Original soundtrack
Gus Arnheim / Tindersticks

Lighting design
Jose Luis Palomino

Esther Martínez

Production and distribution
La Casquería

With the support of Centro Andaluz de Danza (CAD) and the collaboration of Centro de las Artes de Sevilla (CAS)