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The structure of a Haiku poem forms the exoskeleton of this production, establishing a parallel between the inability to explain certain aspects of the ethology of insects and the human behavior. Insects are once again the epicenter of this work, evoking exotic creatures that support architectures that may well reminiscent of origami structures, articulated in an eternal fold unfolding of wings, even hinting Geishas of an imaginary dreamlike. Incomprehensible creatures, scenes and settings flood this work, until “the scope of the possible of a mortal life has been exhausted,” as Pindar in “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus. “Empusa Poem” is an evolution of the previous work, “Insecto Primitivo ”, creating a multilanguage harmony between dance, physical theater and sport, and entering a new and disturbing entomological mythology imaginary Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 10/10/2020 / Available

Direction and choreography: Elías Aguirre
Interpretation: Victor Fernández, Paula Montoya, Mario González,
Ainhoa ​​Cristobal and Elías Aguirre
Music: Ed is Dead, Jorge da Rocha
Assistant: Ruth Muelas
Lighting design: Sergio G. Dominguez
Video Realization: Rober Gimbel
Communication: Estela Pato
UCM entomologist advisor: Eduardo Ruiz
Poster design: Daniel Murillo
Builder: Juanjo de la Fuente
Costumes: Marisa Maggi
Executive production: Mayda Álvarez / SNEO
With the support of: Teatros del Canal, Canal Choreographic Center,
Community of Madrid, SNEO