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Ella, Demasiado Oscuro (She, too dark) Ximena Carnevale Cía.

Finalist at Andalucia Competititon DESENCAJA 2014 8th International Meeting of Contemporary Scenic Art 8EINCE13 (Guadalajara, Mex) 1st Zapopan Scenic Art Meeting ENAZ (Zapopan, Mex) Premiered at 3rd Season of Scenic Poetry El Mal de Tourette A room where gravity has gained space to time, and time wreak havoc on it. She goes out and when she returns always brings the world with her. No conclusions or windows full of light in the morning, again at the end of the day, she sleeps with her arms crossed on her chest. She speaks: "I don't expect the purity of soul, but I've to melt in the Sun, so I've to carry my smile and smell, swallow, eat the soil... Humans exchanging, offering guts as velvet genitals, soft, vivid that turn into ask, demand, resign, breathe... and make breathing... Nails on my back are not wings, the blows of hammers can be heard... are heard in all corners around the world. I'll wash my face in the middle of the ocean, I'll reinvent it, kneeling, standing, lying down... I'll reinvent love." "She, too dark" is a contemporary dance piece with clear allusions concerning to current literary, film and music of the likes of Lynch, Ferrara, Murakami or Philip Jeck. Ximena's expressive & movement ability articulates, through the character of SHE,  a speech around loneliness and search or encounter with herself. Her room is an allegory of the inner space which must kept inviolable; isolated from greed and vampirism of the outside world. Ximena is supported at all times with kitty soul's live elaborated sound collage, by handling vinyl records and electronics. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 30/05/2013 / Available

Idea y dirección: Ximena Carnevale
En escena: Ximena Carnevale
Espacio sonoro en directo: kitty soul
Iluminación: Sergio Rodriguez/ Eladio Cano
Vestuario: Elisa Postigo
Fotografía/Cartel/Ilustración/Instalación: Villapatata Factory
Escenografía y utilería: Villapatata Factory/ kitty soul
Producción: Asociación Oigovisiones
Video Promocional: Martín de Arriba