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El vuelo is the act of being an installed or an articulated body, suspended or moving through the air that exists between crude and pretty.

As an abstract concept, El vuelo (‘the flight’) permits to open new spaces, it allows us to discover new divergent paths and prompts us with rich references to work with. “To fly” might be used in a metaphoric sense, but it also a concrete meaning, which can be natural – for birds – or artificial – for human constructed machines –. It also contains contradictions in itself, for it implies movement, but it also implies suspension.

El vuelo is an hybrid piece. In this context, hybrids are built through the meeting of the natural and the artificial, integrating elements from different sources into an apparently coherent unit. It is a meeting where Contemporary Dance dialogues with another disciplines, where performer, audience, sound, light, and objects meet in an open space without hierarchies, fixed positions or roles.

We aim to encourage experimentation and research in dance context, with the presence of both an artistic context and a domestic context. To create those hybrids situations where everything is mixed and to see what happens.

  Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 02/07/2015 / Available

Direction, choreography, performance: Irene Cantero
Technical coordination: David Benito
Technic and lighting: David Benito, Roberto Baldinelli e Irene Cantero
Sound and music: Julia de Castro y TERRITOIRE
Video: Álvaro Cantero
Costume: MQM

Proyecto financiado por Ayudas Creación Injuve y apoyado por Centro de Danza Canal, CICUS y La Fragua.
Estrenado en el Festival internacional de Itálica en julio 2015.