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“Through the Eyes of the Maja”, a performance inspired by the images of “The Majas” by the painter Goya, the music by Enrique Granados and the singer and actress Imperio Argentina. The dramatic character of “The Maja” is a popular figure in Spanish art, a working class woman from the end of the 18th century in Madrid. They became very popular both through the way they dressed and also for their bold and challenging attitude. They became an image of sensuality and independence in women and many painters portrayed them in their paintings. For this production Sara Calero collaborates with the singer Gema Caballero, flamenco guitar player Fernando de la Rua and Pablo Romero Luis on classical guitar. Musicians with great talent and training, committed to the creation and interpretation of this new performance charged with sensitivity and nerve. “Through the Eyes of the Maja” transports us to the world of a painter’s studio, where an unknown woman dwells, surrounded by paintings, music and legend... Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 20/04/2014 / Available

Idea original Sara Calero y Gema Caballero
Dirección de escena y coreografía Sara Calero
Dirección musical Gema Caballero
Composición, adaptación y arreglos musicales José Almarcha, Pablo Romero Luis y Gema Caballero
Diseño iluminación, asesora escenográfica y coordinación técnica Agnethe Tellefsen
Técnico sonido: Kike Cabañas
Técnico de iluminación: Ketih Yeitton
Regiduría: Elena Vilaplana/Alica Used
Escenografía Fernando Calero
Dibujos y vídeo Marta Azparren
Vestuario Carmen Granell
Fotografía Jesús Vallinas
Producción: Elena Santonja

Sara Calero

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