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Swan Lake was one of the 17th century’s greatest ballet pieces. Today, it keeps captivating audience at any age with its ingenious reflexion on good and evil.   This particular version by Larumbe Danza picks up the fable from contemporary perspectives and social problems. It replaces the oneiric ambience and fantasy characters with a 3D virtual reality enveloping some of the current generation’s best performers.   With the coming of the 21th century, the worldwide social and economic revolution implies the integration of new technologies in all aspects. Although this phenomenon is practically only in its initial phase, we can already grasp both the benefits and dangers it entails, as well as the future extent of them. Apart from this phenomenon, we consider that the transformation of our educational system, which is leaving our youth increasingly out of tune with society, also calls for your urgent attention.   Through a production that synthesises classical music with contemporary dance and 3D images, we present to the spectator a contemporary reflection holding vantage points both to the past and the future. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 24/11/2018 / Available

Direction: Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo
Choreography, drama and stage management: Juan de Torres
Choreography Assitant: Daniela Merlo
Design and multimedia setup: Carlos Lucas
Multimedia setup assistance: Guillem Mascaró
Design, wardrobe, makeup and props: Matias Zanotti
Music: Piotr Llich Tchaikovsky
Sound equipment and musical layout: Mauricio Corretje
Light design: Lia Alves
Light technician: Daniel Alcaraz
Dancers: Yadira Rodriguez, Chiara Mordeglia, Irene Rubio, Sharay Santano, César Louzan and Marcos Martíncano
Training: Mª Paz Holguín
Photography: Pedro Arnay
Video recording: Jorge Barriuso
Production assistant: Sara Molero
Promotion and distribution: Lizbeth Perez
General production: Juan de Torres