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“In Plato’s heat and light, we set ourselves
to dance the choreography of our entanglement
erotic, which seems to be made of longing and
infinite waits. The imaginative and almost
humorous exposure of the human being as a
animal of androgynous nature, condemned
to find his other half, it moves us to celebrate
desire, the only nature of which is possible only
could be the one from the game. A game, maybe,
too serious; so we decided,
just like the philosopher in The Feast did,
to treat it lightly. Finding the eyes
to look at us and recognize us, the hands
to be touched and recognized, the body
to remind us that we are made of
the same matter as the stars, that the
trees or insects. Our feast wants
be a celebration of the bodies, of their
movement and its diversity”.
Antonio Alamo

Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 27/12/2018 / Available

Intérpretes: helliot Baeza, Manuel Cañadas, Ana Erdozain/Manuela Calleja,
Jaime García, Arturo Parrilla y Teresa Rodríguez-barbero
Músicos: S’yo Fang (piano), Bernardo Parrilla (saxofón), Yoojin Ko (flauta travesera), Javier
Herrero (batería y percusión), Manuel Calleja (contrabajo), Emilio Parrilla (clarinete)
Espacio sonoro: S’yo Fang, Bernardo Parrilla, Yoojin Ko y Emilio Parrilla
Espacio escénico: Emilio Parrilla Muñoz
Iluminación: Benito Jiménez
Sonido: Diego Cousido
Construcción escenografía: Tito Vázquez y Ilmex
Grabación video: Rivenz Lab
Edición video: Jesús García
Fotografía: Raquel Álvarez y Anne Alcocer
Ayudante de dirección: Raquel Madrid
Comunicación: Mercedes Vega
Administración y producción: Fernando Coronado
Asesoría artística: Esmeralda Valderrama
Dirección musical: Emilio Parrilla
Coreografía: Manuel Cañadas, Ana Erdozain y Arturo Parrilla
Dramaturgia y textos: Antonio Álamo
Dirección: Arturo Parrilla