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"The Russian sleep experiment” (Project from an artistic collaboration.) María M. Cabeza de Vaca and Álvaro Frutos   "In the 40's, Russians researchers made an experiment with politic prisoners. These prisoners were promised to be liberated if they voluntarily agreed to be used as guinea pigs. A new stimulant gas would be tested on them, keeping them awake for a whole month. The prisoners were locked up in a room with no beds, but with dried fruit and nuts instead. In order to supervise the experiment, the room had a window and some microphones". "The Russian sleep experiment” is a piece/experience in which two creators from different generations and careers meet/lock in a delimited space to experiment, research, sometimes as scientists who watch, sometimes as guinea pigs on the other's hands. The piece is a device that allows both performers to play encountering and splitting, watching and being watched.The Russian sleep experiment is the perfect excuse to reflect on the acceleration of present life. We try to approach the Russian black legend to stage,under the pretext of watching the human body in all its strength and resistance, moved by the need of acting, generating, and keeping on At the same time, we’ll watch the body in its vulnerability and fragility when contacting others. The choreographical keys are based on presence and insistence, so that the movement shows up from emotional landscpes   About Álvaro Frutos..... Director of Álvaro Frutos Co. since 2010. At present he works as a performer and dancer in Daniel Abreu Co. in the production “Animal” (since 2011),  also with Abraham Hurtado in the project  “Ignición” (since 2012) Aitana Cordero  in the project “Three ways to master a miss or a twentyfive minute kisss at your neck” (Los Besos -2015)  and Iker Arrue  in the production “119.104” (2015). He combines his work as director with an educational work in different centers. After finishing his studies at the Andalusian Dance Center (CAD), he began to work with Cie. Coline (France). There he finishes his training and takes part in different productions with choreographers like Lisi Estaras, Nicolas Vladyslav and Buingoc Quan (Les Ballet C. de la B.), Emmanuel Gat, Slomi Tuizer and Edmond Russo,  Salia Sanou and Sedou Boro, and also with Matilde Mornier’s repertoir. He also worked wih Thierry Thieu Niang in the project VOLTE. Back in Spain, he collaborated with different companies: Cía. Alteraciones Danza-Teatro, and Cía. Ilprologo. He’s been awarded with the best male performer prize for his piece “Pez Muerto”, inside the International Festival 16MASDANZA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), and also with the  PAD prize 2013 for the best street show: “BENGALA”. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/02/2018 / Available

Project from an artistic collaboration. Maria M. Cabeza de Vaca and Álvaro Frutos