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El Delirio de un Caracol Celeste Ayus

El Delirio de un caracol it is a reflection on the fear of loneliness and the need to hold on to material things or people to calm that feeling. Contemporary dance work by two performers for all audiences for room or street (ifit has the floor needs covered) Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 29/12/2018 / Available

Direction and choreography: Celeste Ayus and Juan Cabrera
Performance: Celeste Ayus and Juan Cabrera
Choreographic assistance: Denislav Valentinov
Sound Space: Denislav Valentinov
Music: Klara Lewis, Chistian Erik Frederickson, Olafur Arnalds, David Lang
video: Yudi Acosta (Jolondo Productions)
Photo: la Maryposa and J. Cabrera