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"But do you know what: I am convinced that we underground folk ought to be kept on a curb. 
Though we may sit forty years underground without speaking, when we do come out into the 
light of day and break out we talk and talk and talk ..."
The scenic proposal - description of the proposal
The dance company Losdedae pursues the concept of total spectacle in each of the company's productions, an issue that has always pushed the director, Chevi Muraday, to join different disciplines in the creation of his proposals.
We chose the character of Diogenes de Sïnope, Greek philosopher of the Cynic School, who took to the extreme the social use of the word, criticized social customs and maintained a radical separation of power, getting rid of all material possession
In the course of the work as Diógenes de Sínope, our protagonist will find less and less value to the accumulated, understanding that the burden that this implies, is the barrier to not pay attention to what really matters. The internal journey of the character, as well as the scenery, shows us a landscape full of personal symbolism and that will evolve in parallel to the character during the 50 minutes of the work.
The text of Pablo Messiez, the composition of original music by Ricardo Miluy, Bárbara Bañuelos, Pablo Martín Jones and Mariano Marín, added to the choreographies of the artistic director Chevi Muraday make up the perfect team for this production of Losdedae: The cynical.
"The words remain, the concepts designated in them, no"
Diogenes of Sinope
"Culture is a knowledge that you do not have to remember, it flows spontaneously"
Diogenes of Laercio
Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 09/01/2016 / Available

Idea Original y Coreografía: Chevi Muraday
Dirección de Escena: David Picazo
Texos: Pablo Messiez
Asistente DIrección: Manuela Barrero
Interpretación: Chevi Muraday
Escenografía: Alessio Meloni
Iluminación: David Picazo