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“What does it have to do a forest with Marilyn Monroe and 7 versions of the song “Bésame Mucho” of the mexican composer Consuelito Velázquez?”

“A question arises me, I share it with you … what we seek more … Give or recieve kisses? Maybe we seek both. And why we so desperately seek them? At least I … And you? What are we willing to do to get them? And what do we get when we have them?“

A Piece that attempts to answer this question through Dancing Mouths, Kissing Bodies and a light dose of humor.

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Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 27/11/2014 / Available

Direction, Choreography and Video: Iker Gómez.
Executive Production and Logistics: María Cano.
Assistant Choreography: Eva Martínez.
Costumes: Inés Rodríguez, Funizone.
Music: Frederic Chopin, Bigorringo.
Lighting Design: Fernando A. Rodríguez.
Photo: Borja Suárez Lázaro Galdiano, Miguel Ángel García.
Dancers: Eva Martínez, Clara Corona, Michael Realin, Fernando Careaga y María Cano.
Web Designer: DV_Dance Art.
Web Programming: Iker Gómez.
Web Sound: Bigorringo.
Acknowledgements: Iranzu Sanz de Galdeano.