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“Once upon a Fme the oak tree wanted to be a woman. Quiet. Peaceful. Rooted. She observed the life passing by, staFon aMer season. But the oak tree wanted to be a woman. The oak tree wanted to fly. So that’s way she unfolded herself to sing, play and dance, from her roots to the sky.”   The show The Tree with Wings brings to children – from 0 to 12 years old - their first experience with Flamenco or even with the performing arts. It was premiered in 2016 during the last Flamenco Bienal of Seville, the most representative Flamenco event worldwide. It is a compassionate and sensorial spectacle that aims to contribute to the educaFon of quality cultural habits and incite children curiosity for arts and dance. The show impresses the children with a very visual, colorful, rhythmic, and delicate performance. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 16/12/2016 / Available

Director: Anabel Veloso
Artistic Team:

Anabel Veloso, DANCE
Gabriel Perez/Javier Patino/Tino Van der Saman, FLAMENCO GUITAR
Naike Ponce / Rocio Zamora, SINGUERS
Trinidad Jimenez/Diego Villegas, FLUTE
Cristian de Moret, SINGUER & PIANO

MUSIC: Gabriel Pérez, Cristian de Moret, Naike Ponce, Trinidad Jiménez y Villegas
Scenography Design: Anabel Veloso
Scenography: Candela Ocon
Costume Design: Paco Cañizares Estudio
Lighting design and Audiovisual: Antonio Valiente
Photography: Oscar Romero
Production and Distribution: Anabel Veloso Company