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antioedipus aut homunculus The features that I had created by myself, became to seem beautiful to me. antioedipus aut homunculus is a performative project based on the rigors of improvisation. The work grows and changes while being continuously confront to the public… until the day of the release (the fixation of a choreography) arrives, so the death of the piece will occur. Still in constant creation and transformation, the piece is never the same, never the same combination of movements, gestures and forms. Its presentation is always accompanied by an open meeting with the public so as to exchange impressions and to receive the feedback and critics that will feed the work again. The creation and show of ‘antiouedipus’ takes places through the association of different cultural and social structures and platforms, using many diverse management tools and work procedures and finally causing stimulating synergies and joining forces. …desiring machines only work by ruining themselves… synopsis_ …dancing with the shadow of oneself seems quite similar to meeting with the other side, with the memories that one has of the death people that has met and with the figurations cultivated about others. Dancing possessed by other entities, by images –which are action beings–, gives the dancer a position beyond his ego, shapes and conscience; he becomes conscience. The dancer disappears and becomes dance, therefore each spectator is able to receive the information according to his or her needs, disposition and willingness. Credits and datasheet
Premiered: 06/09/2013 / Available

creation and dance: javier martín
costume design: jm, manolo cremallera, la canalla
scenography, sound, design and texts: jm
music: ‘Concerto Grosso’, Oleg Karavaichuk, piano
duration: 60 minutos
photographs: marcos pereiro, elia silvana, susana díaz otero
video: andrés duque
production: jm
partner support: L’Estruch || Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu

shows and venues_
_A Casa Tomada (A Coruña, 06-09-13)
_Expocoruña (A Coruña, 04-10-13)
_L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació, Sabadell (15-10-13)
_Centro Cultura Contemporánea Las Cigarreras (Alicante, 08-12-14)
_Sala Saltamontes Russafa, Valencia (15-02-14)
_Festival ALT, Vigo (15-03-14)
_Teatro Rosalía de Castro, A Coruña (22-03-14 y 26-10-14)
_Festival Primavera en Danza, Carballo. Pazo da Cultura de Carballo (15-04-16)